by Faya Fan

Zirconium Pants - The Trending Style


Nothing defines outrageous, loud and funky better than zirconium pants. How strange it is that we once we couldn’t mimic the sparkle of diamonds or glass on our clothes. The trend of zirconium pants has only proved that there are no bounds in fashion and no creativity impossible to bring to life. 

If you’re among the small group of people who’re wondering what zirconium pants are all about, you need only take a look at the flashiest, shiniest and most sparkly bottoms doing the rounds. They’re everywhere you see: on the runways, red carpets, at nightclubs and the loudest jams in town. 


The Zirconium Fashion- What it is all about

When it comes to looking festive or dressing up for a party, you want to look the glam-mest possible, don’t you? Hence, the fashion industry thought it was time to give fashionistas what they desired. Enter the Zirconium style!

While all sorts of hip and funky descriptions would suit it, simply put, zirconium pants are the most decadent garment pieces. They’re all things exciting, glamorous, sparkly, ridiculous and loud. So far, fashionistas say zirconium pants are synonymous with signature sparkly and barely visible materials and unfathomable price tags. 

If you’re too tempted to try the fashionable pants look everyone is raving about but unsure of carrying it to perfection, we can give you examples from history. You may think that zirconium pants have only just entered the fashion world but actually, the inspiration has been there long since. 

If anything, Balenciaga’s golden, 100k leggings in the debut of the 2007 spring collection of Nicolas GhesquiA’s is testament of this fact. Later, it was Beyoncé who took the trend forward at the MTV movie awards. 

Hopping onto the bandwagon is also Maison Martin Margiela, who gave his own spin to the Zirconium pants fashion by adding mirrors to his men’s collection. Both Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities seem to be huge fans of this trend, for they’re always sporting the shiniest and fanciest pairs of zirconium styled pants with blazers, sneakers, disco jackets at whatnot. 

At Social shop, we bring you all of the attributes of zirconium style pants to help you meet all your fashion goals, minus the exorbitant price tags. 

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How to create fashion trends with Zirconium Pants 

If you find the zirconium pants trend very impressive but want to gel it into your lifestyle, then you can do that smartly. The trick is to balance the outrageousness and dressiness of your bottoms with what you pair it with. 

If you’re looking for inspirations to create fashion trends with your new flashy trousers, then here are our suggestions for you:

Cowboy Boots or Casual Oxfords 

So when you’re thinking zirconium pants for a look, you could go for chunky casual oxfords, low heeled and with or without platforms. If oxfords are not your things, then your next best option are cowboy boots with low heels. 

Sticking to patterned or solids will give your more versatility, especially if you’re choosing them in oxfords. The style would look best with wide crops while cowboy boots would complement flares or boot cuts. 

Fashion Sneakers 

Aren’t zirconium pants the clothing choice of our ear? What better to pair with than footwear that comes from the same generation? In fact, in most zirconium pants looks from celebrities and fashion influencers, you’ll see them pairing it with fashion sneakers. 

If you think the combination will be too loud for your tastes, you can always tone down by opting for athletic sneakers. They would look equally great and nothing better than your feet feeling the most comfy while you rock a pair of fancy zirconium bottoms. 

Sweats or Tees 

If you’re rounding up a pair of zirconiums, you can create relaxed vibes by choosing slouchier fits or chunkier gauges to go with it. Hence, we think welted sweatshirts, graphic tees and simple tees are great for pants trend, especially when you pair it with the footwear we’ve discussed above. 

Trust us, zirconium pants, sweats/tees and sneakers are the easiest and most perfect outfit formula anytime!

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Zirconium Accessorizing- Taking the Trend Forward 

When you an eye-catching zirconium-styled look to pull off, you will need to choose relevant accessories to complete it. Here are some zirconium accessorizing options you may consider:

  • If you’re pairing your zirconium pants with plain tops or solid shirts, you could add a zirconium necklace for added interest and definition. 
  • If your outfit features a high neckline, the best accessories to choose are layered zirconium necklaces or long dangle earrings. A Moutain and Moon zirconium ring would be great too. 
  • Loose and flowy shirts atop zirconium pants will make a statement with zirconium necklaces featuring heavier textures. They’ll stand out against the flowy fabric. 
  • With a tee or sweat on zirconium pants, a trendy zirconia pendant on a dainty chain would add a pop of interest. 

Mountain and Moon Ring

Zirconium Pants- Where they’re best suited

Trousers are a staple because they fit all events, occasions, seasons and time of day. But zirconium pants are different and one can only wear them at select gatherings. You wouldn’t want to turn up for a boardroom meeting, looking as if you put on a hundred mirrors to your trousers. 

Hence, the times when zirconium pants are best-suited include:

  • Holiday parties
  • Red carpet appearances 
  • Hangouts with friends
  • Birthday celebration of close friends or families
  • A night out, painting the town red and so on


Final Thoughts 

Zirconium pants style is all about being as flashy and loud as can be with your bottoms. Many zirconium pants that have made headlines at celebrity appearances prove that the style mimics the glam, shine and reflections like those of glass pieces on fabric. 

This trend is hip, funky, loud and fun and hence, goes well at celebrations, jams with buddies and so on. At Social Shop, you can find the trendiest pants you need for your next stunning looks!