by Faya Fan

Two-Piece Suits - Why Every Wardrobe Needs Co-Ords


Fashion has progressed to an age where anything and everything is welcome. However, for the more picky fashionistas, not everything pleases their taste palettes very quickly. We do love experimenting with colors and prints, but when it comes to looking classy, we can't trust anything more than classics for it. 

Talking of classics, two-piece co-ord sets seem to be ruling the scene. They're everywhere we turn our heads: from runways to red carpets to some of the town's most elite social events. This proves that nothing makes a better wardrobe investment than a range of co-ords.

They're identical clothing articles and can feature anything, from prints to block colors to Boho and whatnot. We cannot categorize the trend as new, but we can describe it as ravishing. If you've been looking for wardrobe inspirations that can never go wrong, here are why two-piece co-ord sets are the best option. 

Two-Piece Co-Ord Sets - Why They’re All the Rage

The co-ords have been a regular feature in the fashion industry for years. However, thanks to some of the most popular bloggers, celebrities like the Kardashians, and others, co-ord sets have stayed in the limelight. 

As mentioned above, these two-piece matching sets solve fashion dilemmas for every aspiring fashionista. It eliminates the hassle of planning what to wear to impress, which prints and colors to opt for, and the dozen other riddles. 

Besides, two-piece co-ords are also those magical choices that reduce the getting-ready time by nearly half. It leaves very little for the wearer to do except accessorize and pick a great pair of shoes to go with it. Most importantly, a stylish and sexy co-ord choice makes a powerful fashion statement wherever you go. 

Considering all these factors, it doesn't take much to guess why they're all the rage among fashion divas. 

Co-Ord Inspirations for Your Wardrobe 

If you constantly struggle to coordinate your outfits for work, after-work gatherings, and happy hours, consider sprucing your wardrobe with two-piece co-ords. The matching sets make life easy and help you keep your style game on point, regardless of the occasion or time of day. 

Here are some of the best co-ord inspirations for your wardrobe. 

1. Holiday Choices 

You're surely planning a great holiday soon, but have you decided on the outfits to rock in your Instagram pics? If you haven't yet, you need to consider Boho-style co-ords. These are typically the flowy, breezy numbers that are befitting for holiday wear. 

Look for midi skirts, flared sleeves, and floral prints. You could also choose a breezy and light number like cotton linen co-ords, featuring frilly shorts and off-the-shoulder tops with cute shoulder ruffles. The options are endless, but no matter what you pick, ensure they match two-piece sets. 

2. Everyday Casual 

When it comes to everyday casual, women love outfits that are simple, easy to carry and accessorize, and of course, subtle. We believe the best choices for everyday casual are co-ord sets featuring shorts, camo pants with baggy tees, and cotton pants and top sets. 

You will find a range of short-sleeved, two-piece suits featuring oversized tops to match adorable shorts. With a handful of pants and short sets in your wardrobe, you’ll never fall short of options for rocking casual streetwear fashion. 

It takes very little to accessorize these, too, while all pairs of sneakers, flats, or strappy wedges go with the outfits. 

The versatility of jewelry and footwear options make two-piece co-ord sets a significant wardrobe investment. With co-ords, you have the liberty to define the occasion with what you wear and how you style it.

3. Office Glam 

Professionalism takes precedence at work, but why must compromise on the glam quotient? The beauty of opting for two-piece matching sets for work is that they keep you looking in-vogue, classy, and stylish while maintaining an aura of professionalism. 

Take the example of matching blazer pant sets: you can make them look exciting by choosing brighter and bolder colors like hot pink and mint green rather than regular white and black. But at the same time, the classic blazer pant set will ensure you look office-appropriate without compromising your fashion statement. 

With matching two-piece sets for work, you can complete your look with pumps, a simple inner in black and nude makeup for balancing the look. And if you wish to make the typical boss woman impact at the next board meeting, you only need a pair of the choker to go with your matching blazer set. 

Which other outfit choice would make office glam so easy for you?

Pros of Opting for Two-Piece Co-Ords

Now that we have inspired your next wardrobe investments, let's also turn our attention to why co-ords are a bonus. There are many pros to choosing this outfit for your looks most days, but let's take a look at the primary reasons below:

1. More Coordinated Vibes

Let's admit it: women who look sorted and in control are a force to reckon with. Hence, nothing can beat the benefit of a more coordinated feel that matching two-piece sets lend to your profile. The blend and matching of colors bring a very sorted aura to the wearer, giving her final look a sense of completion and proportion.

2. A Powerful Style Statement 

Nothing makes a woman happier than pulling off an ultimately glamorous and fashionable look. This is why co-ords are usually the primary choice: the two-piece matching sets give all the chic vibes a woman dreams of.

3. Easy Choice

Surely every woman will admit to the mad frenzy she has to experience when planning outfits for work, board meetings, official lunches, dinner dates, and parties. With matching co-ord sets in the two-piece, most of their fashion dilemmas resolve almost magically. 

The matching sets remove the trouble of deciding what to pair with what and how to sort the entire look. 

Final Thoughts 

Two-piece matching co-ord sets match all the fashion requirements and meet all daily trends accurately. This is why the style continues to rule the fashion industry and is a favorite pick of many celebrities and fashion influencers. 

For office wear, casual wear, and party to holiday style statements, you'll never find two-piece co-ords a disappointing choice.