by Faya Fan

How to Select Self-Adhesive Eyelashes


Beauty standards tend to change with each passing generation. Things one generation can find attractive can soon fade away, leaving a new generation to move past them. But one thing that all beauty standards of past and present have in common is long and thick eyelashes

Even if you don't have naturally long and luscious eyelashes, you can just get fake ones. Of course, these self-adhesive eyelashes are far from simple. The variety of applicators, glues, clusters, strips, and whatnot is enough to intimidate any first-time buyer shopper. If you’re a beginner, it could be even trickier to recognize the best pair of self-adhesive eyelashes to pick. 

Here is a guide that will tell you all you need to know about selecting self-adhesive eyelashes. 

Self-Adhesive eyelashes- All about them

Self-adhesive eyelashes are simply pre-glued falsies that allow for easier and quicker application. We call them self-adhesive because the user does not require additional lash adhesives. In the self-adhesive falsies, you will find a pre-glued lash band, which you simply have to measure, trim, and apply. 

Self-adhesive lashes are particularly a great option for those who wear falsies daily and want something that sticks faster than the regular strip lashes. For beginners or inexperienced falsie-users, self-adhesive eyelashes are the ideal option for effortlessly good-looking eyelashes. 

However, you must note that every pair of self-adhesive eyelashes is for one-time use, and you must discard them after using them. As for the variety, there’s plenty to choose from when deciding on self-adhesive falsies. You can find an ideal pre-glued set in any style you desire. 

Guide to Selecting Self-Adhesive Eyelashes

Self-adhesive eyelashes are a game-changer when you want to look your best and fast. They’re quick to apply and make you look like a fashion model straight out of a magazine. 

While there is certainly a lash style for each wearer, it helps to understand the different types of adhesive eyelashes and other factors to consider before shopping for a pair. Let’s look at some important elements below. 


Have you decided that self-adhesive eyelashes are going to be your favorite? Well, these eyelashes can give you a dramatic and bold look if it suits your personality. This style features a set of falsies with a medium length and heavier density. 

Women love dramatic falsies for the wispy and textured appearance they have while allowing for different lengths. This particular style is soft enough to fit perfectly for daytime wear but also thick enough to suit nighttime events. 

The advantage of dramatic falsies is that they can instantly help you transition from an outing during the day to a party at night. Even though the dramatic falsies are a little more intense, they're extremely lightweight. From being easy to apply to feeling comfortable on your eyelids, self-adhesive dramatic eyelashes are a great choice. 


Do you prefer a more natural and softer look with your falsies? Then you will love a more natural-looking pair of self-adhesive eyelashes. Most natural falsies have a delicate finishing, lending an enhancement that is very subtle. 

You'd do great with a natural pair if you wear false eyelashes but prefer just a little volume, length, and definition. 


You can very well opt for individual self-adhesive eyelashes if you merely want to boost the existing length and fullness of your natural eyelashes. Individual falsies are very subtle and only add definition in targeted areas of your lash line. 

You will typically find individuals in a set of thirty to sixty strands of different lengths. But each individual strand can help you achieve a customizable look and have more control over the final look of your eye. 


We commonly refer to clusters as accents or flares, and they’re a popular choice for those who want self-adhesive eyelashes that apply quickly. It is also a good alternative for those who have not yet had enough practice using full strip lashes, which can be a little tricky to apply. 

Clusters feature little bands that are very easy to pop onto your lash line. Moreover, clusters do not lift at the corner of your eyes like strips normally would. Many people who apply falsies prefer clusters, too, especially when they want something that is more versatile. With clusters, they have the flexibility of strategic application, such as applying a few clusters only on the corner of their eyes for a sharp, cat-eyed look. 

Strip Lashes 

If you're new to false eyelashes, surely the first category you must have heard of is strip lashes. The fact is that they’re the most popular pick for most self-adhesive eyelash wearers. They’re also the most commonly available in cosmetic stores. 

The primary feature of strip lashes is the horizontal bands on which they carry faux lashes. All you have to do is lay the band flat against your entire lash line, and voila: you're all set to look your best!

Refrain from Black Lash Bands- Transparent Bands are better.

There are a plethora of high-quality, self-adhesive eyelashes with black bands to choose from in stores. While many find it quite comfortable to wear black lash bands and have no trouble maneuvering them onto their lash line, others prefer the transparent variety. 

For both a beginner and an experienced falsie-wearer, transparent bands on eyelashes are the better option because of the greater flexibility. Falsies with transparent bands make applying them more accessible than ever. Although slightly pricier than the black bands, you will never regret choosing falsies with transparent bands if you don't mind investing a bit more. 

Are You a Beginner? Here’s Why You shouldn’t Select Heavy Self-Adhesive Eyelashes 

We know makeup trends these days are open-ended. Therefore, we see many bold and dramatic looks as regular features on some of your favorite celebrities and makeup gurus. But you must remember that the end product on the big screen can be very different from its real-life counterparts are far different from each other. 

While celebrities tend to carry heavy eyelashes easily, making them look organic with the rest of your features is not as easy for most women. Hence, when it comes to self-adhesive eyelashes, we recommend beginners start with more natural and subtle falsies and then slowly choose more advanced options. 

Beginners may not be comfortable enough to carry heavy self-adhesive eyelashes immediately, and the result could look like an uncomfortable weight on your eyes. The heavy falsies will have you looking down most times. 

In fact, heavy false eyelashes can also hide most of your eye makeup, wasting both your time and effort. 

Selecting Self-Adhesive Eyelashes- Features to Consider

Self-adhesive eyelashes help achieve a flawless and stunning final look. It’s no wonder that falsies are a favorite among most users. But with the multitude of styles and options to choose from among falsies, you could end up with something that is not right for your face. 

You need to be confident and sure of the best style to compliment your face and the look you're going for while picking a pair that would feel weightless on your lash line. Hence, it’s essential to learn about specific features you must consider when you're searching for the perfect set of falsies. 


You will find an endless variety of self-adhesive eyelashes, both in black and transparent bands. But if you have a more vibrant personality and love experimenting with makeup, you could even shift gears and look for colored lashes. 

Many brands offer brown-colored falsies, too, carrying a softer finish. These are a good choice, especially for women with light-colored hair or those who love a more natural appearance. Apart from black and brown, the other bolder colors include wine, plum, and even blue for a funky look. 


To find self-adhesive eyelashes that fit perfectly, you must consider the shape and size of your eyes. Perhaps you have smaller eyes or almond-shaped eyes. In this case, not all falsies would fit you perfectly. 

By ascertaining the size and shape of your eyes, you would know which section to browse through when you’re shopping for falsies in stores. In fact, you will find several brands offering specialist styles for people who have certain eye shapes and sizes. 

However, if you have rounded and bigger eyes, you could look for multiple options in strip lashes to find a style that would fit fine with you. In case you find a pair of falsies that fit beautifully on your lash line but are slightly longer, you could trim them a bit. Consider adding lash scissors to your shopping cart when getting your falsies. 


Comfort is the priority in everything you’re selecting for personal use, including false eyelashes. Are your eyes particularly sensitive, or do you have to put on contact lenses most of the time? If you do, then you should refrain from those falsies that are too dramatic or have a thicker lash band. You wouldn’t find either of these self-adhesive eyelashes comfortable to wear or even a sensible option in your case. 

For sensitive eyes or those who must wear contact lenses, the most sensible picks are ultra-lightweight or sensible lash bands. These styles will surely be comfortable for you and not weigh heavily at all on your eyes. 

You could always request the sales representatives to guide you to contact-lens friendly eyelashes to help narrow down your choices. 

Helpful Tips- Picking the Best Falsies

Self-adhesive eyelashes are everywhere. From the celebrities you follow diligently on Instagram, your favorite influencers on Facebook, or your everyday girls: they’re all wearing falsies. If you admire their looks and want your eyes to look as seductive as theirs, here are the tips to bear in mind when shopping for your perfect falsies. 

Crisscross Pattern 

Crisscross patterns look great in self-adhesive eyelashes. You will typically see individual lashes in this style, overlapping each other in a more realistic and natural way. The falsies that simply stick out straight can look unnatural, and anybody can guess with one look that you have false enhancements on your eyes. 

The natural-textured crisscross patterns will mimic your real lashes and will blend perfectly with the rest of your look. 

Medium or Light Volume 

If you’re opting for high-volume falsies in the first go, you'll probably feel like you've put on something for Halloween. We’re not saying that heavy-intensity falsies are a complete no-go. What we merely mean to imply is that it takes finesse and confidence to wear them with ease, and it will take plenty of practice to get there. 

Hence, it is best to opt for medium or light-volume self-adhesive eyelashes. They’ll match your current volume and keep you more comfortable. 

Avoid an Unnatural Shape

Only if it is a very dramatic event, like a costume party or an appearance on the Red Carpet, you may opt for a different shape. Otherwise, the best picks are always those falsies that match your eye shape, your eye size, and the length of your natural eyelashes. 

For almond eyes, we always recommend choosing falsies that tend to flare at the end. For those with rounded or deep-set eyes, self-adhesive lashes that are the longest in the center are the best. Remember, the goal is to achieve a flirty oomph naturally, not an unbecoming bush on the eyes. 

Final Thoughts

No makeup kit is complete without several pairs of stunning self-adhesive eyelashes. A pair of falsies lends the final touch to a fabulous makeup look, but it brings an incredible transformation almost instantly. 

From adding subtle volume and length to giving your eyes the oomph and extra drama to charm others, you can trust a pair of well-designed, qualitative, and lightweight falsies to do it for you. However, you need to consider a range of factors when choosing the right falsies.  

From your eye length, eye shape, and sensitivity of eyes, it is important to choose something that will flatter your natural shape.