by Tintin Yuan

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids in 2022

Christmas calls for celebrations and lots of togetherness in addition to lots of gifts. Exchanging presents is not just a seasonal festivity of the Christmas season but also signifies love, bonding, and affection. While selecting gifts for people is relatively easy, it can be pretty troublesome for kids. 

Kids require something that can attract, interest, and engage them. Each kid requires a different gift based on age, preference, and personal liking. If you have kids in the family or are just around and are worried about what to gift them this Christmas, then keep reading below.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Here is a list of some of the best Christmas ideas for kids that you can use to present to kids around you. This is an extensive list that will have a variety of options for you to choose from. 

2022 Elf Kit 24 Days of Christmas

Kids consider a strong connection between Christmas and elves. It can be either some Christmas movies or just because of some Christmas fun representations. Gifting a kid the 2022 Elf Kit 24 Days of Christmas is the best gift, as it can easily keep the child busy for 24 days.

That's right, and the Elf kit contains 24 different scenes with instructions on how to set up each scene and set. This will keep the kid busy and engaged and thoroughly help them enjoy themselves in the whole Christmas spirit. 


V17 Jet Fighter Stunt RC Airplane

There can certainly be nothing better for male kids than a remote-controlled V17 Jet Fighter Stunt RC Airplane. This gift also helps them learn about control and aviation while having great fun with the remotely controlled jet fighter.

This V17 jet fighter can perform a circular flight of 360 degrees while also having the option to move forward, backward, left, and right. It can efficiently perform stunts to give your kid the thrill they need. You can even turn on the gravity mode to avoid it hitting the ground, and the powerful motor also has a beautiful range and flight control distance. 

Even with all the technologies, advancements, and added features, this Christmas gift is exceptionally lightweight, durable, and possesses a very soft foam material.  

Santa Baby Christmas Theme Holiday Bell Set

Santa Baby Christmas Theme Holiday Bell Set

If you are thinking of dressing up your little girlie most stylishly and excellently, the Santa Baby Christmas Theme Holiday Bell Set will surely be the best pick. It is a two-piece set with a detachable hand-crafted belt to don. 

You can have this lovely piece of clothing in various sizes and measurements, with even an off-shoulder option. As the adorable dress is made up of quality velvet clothing, it can easily keep your little one comfy and warm while also making her stand out in the crowd. It is a lovely gift option that is perfect for the Christmas season. 

Family Matching PJs

Merry Christmas Letter and Tree Print Top and Plaid Pants Family Matching Pajamas Sets

Family Matching PJs are another great option to gift your kids this Christmas. This trendy piece of clothing is not only cute but extremely comfortable as well. The family-matching PJs set can serve as a dual gift option that you can use for the kids as well as the adults. 

You can select the pattern and style to your or the kid's liking. For example, you can gift them a sophisticated Pajama set of printed shirts with plaid pants. Or if they are too much into cartoons, you can even for a Pajama set with cartoon dinosaur printed shirts with plaid trousers. 

If you want your gift to be extra cute, you can also go for a set of Polar bear print shirts and PJs. Whichever design you opt for is sure to be liked by the receiver.

 Christmas Ribbon Fairy Lights

Christmas Ribbon Fairy Lights

Just like kids like to dress and enjoy playing with toys, they equally like to decorate their house and the Christmas tree with beautiful and enchanting ornaments. Keeping this fact in mind, you can even gift your kids a set of Christmas Ribbon Fairy Lights, which they would be delighted to receive. 

They will not only really enjoy watching the lights, but this will also encourage them to help you with the Christmas decorations. Kids already like shiny and bright things, so gifting them a Christmas gift can make them happy. 

Enchanted Willow Vine

Enchanted Willow Vine

An Enchanted Willow Vine is yet another great gift to give the kids that can be a lovely present for them and all the family. This illuminating enchanted willow vine has a subtle and comforting glow that is not irritable for the eyes but provides a soft glow overall. 

The beautiful design will also help transform your house and will make it look elegant and celebrated for the Christmas season. The kids can place this beautiful piece of art anywhere in the house, providing the same lovely effect no matter where it is placed. 

DIY Christmas Advent Calendar Bracelets Set

DIY Christmas Advent Calendar Bracelets Set

If there is one engaging, cute, lovely, and even functional gift, then there has to be the DIY Christmas Advent Calendar Bracelets Set. This lovely Christmas advent bracelet set is an ideal gift for any kid as it will help teach your kid how to make a bracelet by themselves. 

This also keeps them intrigued as they will have to wait each day for the surprise to find out what they will get on the date. Each date provides an elegant miniature ornament that your kid can either wear separately or even collect all at once to hook all the pieces together. It is a lovely gift that is both unique and fun for the kids. 

DIY Christmas Tree Building


Christmas Tree Building Kits for Kids - DIY Building Block Music Box

What can be better than for your kid to possess a small DIY Christmas Tree Building of their own? The creative and excellent DIY Christmas Tree Building will give your kid a great learning and engaging experience, so they stay busy with the task. 

Plus, they can decorate their own Christmas tree in their own way, just the way they like, so they also have a sense of ownership. The best thing about this gift is that it has a music box that sings the song 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas.' 


Talk about classic and ultimate Christmas gifts for kids and you can go through the extensive list mentioned above to get some cool ideas. These gifts can not only prove to be visually impressive but also somewhat informative, engaging, and creative. Pick any gift from the list above, and you will make the kids as happy as they can ever be.