by Tintin Yuan

A Collection of Scottish Highland Cow Themed Items

Highland cows are often known as the gentle giants of Scotland. With their long horns, and flowing red locks, these iconic beasts are easily recognised. Here at SocialShop, we have selected some of our most popular Highland Cow themed items for Highland Cow lovers!

1. Eco-Friendly Scottish Highland Cow Soft Plush Toy

Highland cows are known for being a very docile animal, never showing any aggression and are very low stress to keep and manage. Within their herds they have a great understanding of their own social hierarchy and never fight. They also enjoy the company of humans, often approaching walkers seeking affection. If you fancy your very own Highland Cow to snuggle up to, you can pick up one of these adorable furry friend plus toy. Our highland cow plush toy makes the perfect gift for any highland cow lovers.


2. Women's Highland Cow Print Long T-Shirt

Nobody is quite sure if these highland cows can actually see where they are going! But whether they have super-vision or heightened other senses they certainly manage to find what they are looking for, even with that long fringe, just as what you see on this long T-shirt.

3. Women's Floral Highland Cow Print Sweatshirt

Highland cows and flowers? Yes please! As a breed, highland cows are exceptionally hardy and robust, and absolutely gorgeous, making them in our eyes, more than worthy of their worldwide popularity.