by Tintin Yuan

How to Dress Comfortable and Stylish This Autumn

During summers, we're all for breezy, naturally flowing silhouettes. But when it comes to dressing up for autumn, we're all for trench coats, sweater dresses, long plaid button-down shirts, and some other staples. If there's one universal fact we can all unanimously agree upon, it's that autumn is the best season for fashion. It's not just the weather change that reignites the magic inside us, but the season opens up ,a range of wardrobe potentials, colors, and accessory options. 

If you're looking for inspiration to dress comfortably yet utterly stylish this fall, keep reading below. 

Must-Have Essential Pieces 

Let's start by telling you that you must equip your wardrobe with certain staples to rock outstanding fall fashion. Here are some you absolutely must have in your closet for the season:

1. Sweatshirt with an Attitude 

Fall is all about being jaunty, colorful, funky, and bold. What better way to flaunt your bold and unapologetic self than with a sweatshirt that promises an attitude of its own? Strike a boss figure with a sweatshirt or a crewneck sweatshirt with an eye-catching quote printed on it. 

You could raise the heat by pairing these tops with calf-length boots, distressed jeans, and a trench coat. 

2. Plaid Long Button Down Shirt 

Just like nothing can overrule, the fact that fall is hands-down the best season for fashion. Similarly, nothing can beat the fact that long plaid button-down shirts are a classic. These are the wardrobe staples that will see all your fall fashion goals successfully through 

They're never out of style, and the perfect pick for these are the loose-fitting plaids you can layer with other sexy clothing articles. With a turn-down collar, buttons, long sleeves, and pockets on the front, you won't fail to draw eyes with a long plaid button-down shirt in the fall. 

3. Sweater Dress 

A sweater dress is the clothing choice that will never fail to make you look like a fashion icon and a boss lady altogether. So when you’re looking for glorious fashion moments in Autumn and ready to impress the crowds with your excellent fashion sense, you need not look beyond a well-crafted sweater dress. 

4. Trench Coat 

Even on a cold day in Autumn, you wouldn't have to compromise on your style statement to keep warm. From keeping you stylishly dry and cozy to adding a certain flair to your outfits, these trench coats are the epitome of elegance, class, and style. 

You'd make an unbeatably impressive figure in heels, boots, and business suits under a stylish trench coat.

5. Denim Pants 

Denim pants are an all-year-round staple, not just a fall garment. We tell you with classic denim pants in your closet; you could whip up mesmerizing fashion looks within moments. But that's the beauty of denim because nothing can match its timeless elegance and attraction. 

Use Colors 

In addition to the wardrobe staples above, there are plenty of other ways to ace your fall fashion this year, starting with using colors. There was a time when rust, burnt orange, brown, and reddish-orange shades ruled the fall fashion trends. 

While there's no harm in being conventional, you can elevate your style game this fall season by playing around with colors for your looks. 

Some great ideas are:

  • Bright blue- you must have seen this gorgeous shade on the runway for a while, but this year fall fashion promises to incorporate a lot of bright blues. Maybe wide-leg blue denim pants or tops could be a good start. 
  • Tangerine- instead of the typical burnt orange, give your fall colors an exciting twist by opting for a tangerine shade. We tell you that tangerine wide-leg pants, jackets, or crop tops look ultra-sexy. 
  • Lime punch- yes, you read that right. Did you think a zesty lime outfit is a perfect choice for summer? Well, time to change your perception and your styling option by opting for zesty lime pieces for fall. Think about lime-colored boots, trench coats, or even midi dresses in the shade. 
  • Fuchsia- rose-colored and fuchsia clothing articles are the way to step out this fall. Think about hot pink tops, pink leather pants, and other such piece for show-stopping moments. 

Loungewear can be Stylish too 

When temperatures drop, you may want to be cozy and comfortable. But who says you cannot look fab while staying warm during fall? We have some great ideas to keep your loungewear options as chic and stylish as can be. 

  • Think about matching co-ords for this fall instead of matching separates. We’re all for fuzzy fleece but nothing like chic two-piece options to keep your fashion game on point. 
  • Winter white- think about creamy cotton sweaters to elevate your loungewear at home. 
  • Chic long cardigans- what do you do to add oomph to your beach outfits for the summer? You take sexy wraps to add drama to your beach fashion, right? You can add drama to your fall loungewear with long cardigans. This fall option is ideal for layering n chilly fall days and yet looking chic indoors. 
  • Graphic hoodies are a great option for spreading positive vibes and fashion goals. 


We can't leave accessories out of our fashion looks, can we? To complete your iconic fall looks this season, you need a stylish casual scarf to add an interesting visual element to your autumn looks. 

As for jewelry options, some of the best picks to compliment your fall fashion looks are:

  • Chunky bracelets and cuffs
  • Crystal drop necklaces and earrings 
  • Major statement earrings 

Final Thoughts 

When autumn comes around, the atmosphere carries unspoken promises of magical moments, festive vibes, and spectacular fashion opportunities. This year, you can have it all for yourself but opt for certain staples, carefully chosen accessories, and colors that would ensure magically and unparalleled fashion looks at all your fall gatherings.